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About Avesthagen
Avesthagen is a leading life science company pioneering the convergence between Food, Pharma and Population Genetics leading to Predictive Preventive Personalized Healthcare ™.One of the highest rising sectors in India is the Pharmaceutical industry with opportunities and openings for Clinical Research jobs; to meet the dramatic increase in the Clinical Trials registered with CTRL Avesthagen now offers skill-based training in Clinical research to qualify for these numerous job opportunities.
Clinical Research
India is becoming a hub for clinical research; the demand for professionals in this field is growing rapidly. Clinical research business in India will be worth $1 billion by 2010. Thus, there will soon be a massive demand for clinical research professionals, making it an interesting career option with massive growth potential.
Clinical research is all set to become the next big thing in India. A large population with a substantial workforce and cost benefits influence multinationals to set up research facilities here. Besides due to the prevalence of a large variety of diseases, including widespread cases of cancer and diabetes India is viewed the world over as the ideal location for clinical research trials for the pharmaceutical industry.
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